American Street Improvement Project

Project Background

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Fast Facts

The City of Philadelphia has received federal funding to make improvements along American Street between Girard and Indiana Avenues. Improvements are being made along this two-mile corridor including reduced street crossing distances to improve the pedestrian environment.


Project Partners & Project Steering Committee

This project was made possible by the dedication and support of the Project Partners and Project Steering Committee comprised of the city agencies and local stakeholders representing neighborhood groups and local businesses.



This project was funded through a federal grant (TIGER) which required an accelerated design schedule. From conceptual design to final design approval, the design phase was completed in 18 months.The design team worked to engage the community  by hosting open house meetings and periodic project steering committee meetings.



Engaging Community in Design


Three sets of Open Houses were held to inform and gather input from the community during the design process. Meetings were also held with the Project Steering Committee at key points through the project to provide updates and gather feedback.


Methods of Outreach

For each set of Public Open Houses, stakeholders including the public were notified in several different ways about the events including: meeting flyers (electronic and hard copies), local media outlets; and electronic means (Facebook, Google calendar events, and email).


Public Open House Photos

Click here for images from our Public Open Houses.


We Heard You

In preliminary design, we hosted open house meetings to identify the concerns that the users of American Street experienced – here’s what we found out and how it was incorporated into the final design.


Things to Consider (when selecting locations for streetscape elements)

Each design decision went through careful consideration- here are a few things that contributed to our design decisions.



Bike Lanes

On American Street bicyclists compete with driveways, bus stops, parking lane, and pedestrians. To limit the number of conflicts and increase visibility, the bike lane is located adjacent to the center median. The team utilized guidelines provided by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NATCO).


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